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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Servant Bonding

Francis Drake from Fate Grand Order.
Sadly I don't have her but have tried on couple of her banners. If any active players want to add me let me know and I will make room on my friend list to add.


  1. Damn you have been posting often lately, good stuff once again c:

  2. Well this is actually a very nice surprise as I pulled her like 4 days ago being my first 5* and she's already lv70, if you wanna add me to use here here's my friend code my dude 034667551

    Please tell me your name in fgo so I can recognize the fr if it comes, anyways I guess I'll be *bonding* now hehe

    1. Sent. It's aaaninja so easy to tell lol

    2. Good shit man, already added ya, exited for this year's summer event? (Don't lnknwhy last comment put me as an anon

    3. Not super excited...I will be next year because that has all the better girls I like lol. I love Nobu so want her summer version bad.

  3. I have drake if you want to add me 766610702