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Monday, July 31, 2017

Sketch Dump 40, 2017

Here's the new sketch dump. You will notice a lot of Fate stuff this time. That's because I been playing a lot of Fate / Grand Order lately so was inspired to make some stuff. The Jaina one was influenced by how popular the Tatsumaki picture I just posted was. So this will be similar in that it will have 3 different versions when it is done.

Edit: forgot to post the samus one i did so here it is added.

Samus and Ridley

Alex, Original Character
Astolfo, Fate Grand Order
Belldandy, Ah My Goddess
Elizabeth, Fate Grand Order
Jaina, WoW
Mash, Fate Grand Order
Misaka Mikoto
Saber Arthur, Fate Grand Order
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Mercury


  1. would love tho see the Alex pic especially, also the astolfo pic looks nice.
    i also hope you make the jaina into a finished one. good stuff as usual

  2. Must say I still prefer the Sailor once followed by Misaka with Mash and Alex after

  3. Belldandy. Definitely Belldandy.

  4. Jaina > Mikoto > Elizabeth are the best imo
    im mostly looking for the different poses rather than the character, although these are quite common but i like the chains on Jaina ^^ Would like to see more chained/roped characters and different positions

  5. i'd love to see the other alex sketches you've made in the past and this one as well

  6. Fav one is Astolfo, would LOVE to see that finished. The Shielder and Misaka Mikoto one are really good too. Keep up the good work as always!

  7. Astolfo PLEASE!!! I am so glad you drew my boyfriend!!

  8. plz make the astolfo one and the alex one they look good

  9. Love Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter! I'm also in dire need of looking up this Fate Grand Order, I think I'm missing out!

  10. All the DP/multiple penetration ones especially Belldandy and Astolfo and Samus vs Ridley looks awesome!

  11. Samus one BEST !!!

  12. misaka mikoto, belldandy and samus are best

  13. The Belldandy one is my favorite, followed by Saber and Jupiter.

  14. Omg that Astolfo one though @_@ Needs to be more pictures of him getting stuffed like that.