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Monday, July 31, 2017

Stuck In The Middle

Commission of Miqo'te named J'naiah Terran.

Sketch Dump 40, 2017

Here's the new sketch dump. You will notice a lot of Fate stuff this time. That's because I been playing a lot of Fate / Grand Order lately so was inspired to make some stuff. The Jaina one was influenced by how popular the Tatsumaki picture I just posted was. So this will be similar in that it will have 3 different versions when it is done.

Edit: forgot to post the samus one i did so here it is added.

Samus and Ridley

Alex, Original Character
Astolfo, Fate Grand Order
Belldandy, Ah My Goddess
Elizabeth, Fate Grand Order
Jaina, WoW
Mash, Fate Grand Order
Misaka Mikoto
Saber Arthur, Fate Grand Order
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Mercury

Saturday, July 15, 2017