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Friday, September 30, 2016

Sketch Dump 33, 2016

So I had a week almost of no PC because my hard drive broke and had to get new one. So I did nothing but sketch over the week and developed quite the pile of sketches. Some are pretty damn random also.

Asuka, Evangelion
Dawn, Pokemon
Garnet, FFIX (remake)
Momo, My Hero Academia
Ochako, My Hero Academia
Tsuyu, My Hero Academia
Minase Iori, Idolmaster
Monara, World of Warcraft
Himari, Penguindrum
Ritsu, K-on!
Saber, Fate/Night
Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Moon
Sam, Totally Spies
Samus, Metroid
Serena, Pokemon
Tracer, Overwatch
Venera, Zvezda Plot

Zone Tan
Cerea, Monster Musume


  1. That Garnet one has a really neat angle.

  2. Sucks to hear about the PC.
    The Boku No Hero sketches look all really good. The Serena and Machoke one needs to have a small panel where you can see her being penetrated but good stuff all around. Keep up the good work my man.

    1. It actually does have an x-ray. But I cropped it out for some reason.

  3. "Dawn pokemon" - must have!!!

  4. Shit, that is the worst par about computers.
    did you lose anything?

    1. Nope got all my files back and transferred over to new hard drive. Only annoying part is I lost my programs and had to reinstall.

  5. would love to see the 2 pokemon ones from this one and the 2 pokemon ones from last set, and also alex because alex.
    hope you got all your pc files back, or at least most of them.

  6. We need more pokemon pictures!!!! Thank you!!!

  7. Love that Samus ass

  8. this is actually the best sketches youve probably ever done would love to see most of them colored

    1. Well I had time so maybe why they look little better. More shading and stuff. XD

  9. Definitely would like to see the Saber and Zone-tan ones colored up. I have to say, AAA, that your artwork has improved to an amazing degree since you first started posting it.

  10. I'm way late to the party and this probably wouldn't be a popular choice, but I'd love to see that Ritsu one finished.

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  13. That Monara picture is a masterpiece, I give you that. Seems that everyone just forgot about the girl at all, even Doc himself, but not me - in love with her since I first saw her. There is something about her, maybe it's combination of dark and light colours in her appearance or maybe cute face, childish innocence and playfulness combined with inner lustfulness... Anyway, thanx for not forgetting her too, a picture of her is a rare occasion these days. Hope to see more of her from you.

  14. If I could ask for one of these to be coloured it would be the Garnet pic, because there's not enough of her... but I'd probably prefer the Ritsu pic because I absolutly love cocks being pressed together by a girl like that.
    All in all, almost all of the pictures excite me.
    Great job.

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