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Friday, September 30, 2016

Wicke Good Time

Commission of Wicke from the new Pokemon game.

Sketch Dump 33, 2016

So I had a week almost of no PC because my hard drive broke and had to get new one. So I did nothing but sketch over the week and developed quite the pile of sketches. Some are pretty damn random also.

Asuka, Evangelion
Dawn, Pokemon
Garnet, FFIX (remake)
Momo, My Hero Academia
Ochako, My Hero Academia
Tsuyu, My Hero Academia
Minase Iori, Idolmaster
Monara, World of Warcraft
Himari, Penguindrum
Ritsu, K-on!
Saber, Fate/Night
Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Moon
Sam, Totally Spies
Samus, Metroid
Serena, Pokemon
Tracer, Overwatch
Venera, Zvezda Plot

Zone Tan
Cerea, Monster Musume

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Friday, September 9, 2016

YCH Auction 16 Winner: Sinon

YCH Auction 16 Winner: Sinon

Winner from the ych auction -->

Just a little note since a few people have been doing it with my auctions. You may add extra expression versions but it will just be added cost to however much the ending bidding price was.  Usually $10-15 extra per version.