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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sketch Dump 29, May 2016

Been a long time since I posted a sketch dump. Mainly due to being busy with commissions most the time. Decided to post some of the sketches I've done myself over the year. These have no time table and some may not even be colored ever. I only work on some of these in between commissions.

Alex - OC Trap
Aqua - Kono Suba
Asuka - Evangelion
Chun Li - Street Fighter
Erin - OC trap
Esdeath- Akame Ga Kill
Flonne - Disgaea
Lulu- FFX
Maou - Maoyu Yashuu
Mikasa - Attack on Titan
Misaka Mikoto
Misaka Mikoto
Misaka Mikoto
Misaka Mikoto
Prishe - FFXI
Takane - Idolmaster
Tsunade - Naruto
Yoko - Gurren Lagann


  1. Tsunade in color! *gush*

  2. Can't wait to see these, love your OCs.

  3. I wish, you will make one work with Libby or Brock (they are traps from hentaifoundry). Anyway, your works are awesome

    1. Think I did one of libby in past but I could be mistaken. I would do new stuff if commissioned of course.

  4. Team yoko here, cause the open commission art plug looks really good

    (also mikoto a close second)

  5. So glad to see your sketch dump back, I've been looking forward to another one for a while mostly because, as you said, they don't all always get the finished treatment ;).

  6. traps n yoko!! good to see sketch dumps again

  7. The Asuka one looks new
    i havent seen you making a similar pose before
    they all look great of course, but the Asuka one grabbed my attention due to the new pose
    keep up the good work !

  8. Love the one of Mikasa - Attack on Titan. I hope you color it. I also like the ones of Takane - Idolmaster and Misaka Mikoto.

  9. Wish Erin sketch will be coloured, really good trap