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Friday, March 18, 2016

Tohsaka Love

Tohsaka Rin from Fate series.
A matching picture to go with the Saber version. -->


  1. Aaa, i dont gave a account on hentai foundry so i can only ask here. I noticed your avatar changed into fubaki from one punch man, i wanted to know if that full picture is going to be released soon?

  2. You should definitely follow this up with one of Sakura Matou, just to complete the set.

    1. Don't think I seen her in a matching leotard outfit though. But I could be wrong. See the leotard outfit on Saber and Rin all the time in cosplay photos.

    2. I suppose so. As an alternative, though, you could use the fetishized outfit she wore when Medea captured her in the DEEN anime.

    3. Here's a couple links if you need 'em.

      Could just modify it a bit to show more skin and turn it into a thong.