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Monday, October 27, 2014

Sketch Dump 26, October 2014

I just got my internet back on PC so I decided I would post all the stuff I did while I had nothing better to do than make new art. 1st is Sento Izusu from the new anime Amagi Brilliant Park. 2 through 4 is my first vore pic ever. Jill Valentine getting snacked on. 5th is Minfilia from FFXIV. 6th is a new Power Girl pic. 7th is new totally spies pic. Planning on adding other versions with each girl. 8th is Tsukiumi from Sekirei. Been a long while since done anything with double anal.


  1. Like always all of the sketches are great, cant wait to see totally spies one

  2. +1 to Minfilia

  3. These are all great, but that Minfillia piece is really sexy, great pose.

    1. Well with all the attention that one is getting I may color it sooner than some of others.

  4. Will I'm more of a Tsukiumi and totally spies kind of guy, what can I say I'm a sucker for High heeled boots though in the spies case it is more like a high heeled full bodysuit.

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