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Sunday, October 19, 2014

No Swimming Allowed

Altera finds a morbol lurking in this water.
Commission for Kenshin1980.

Posting this now as I will be without internet for probably up to a week soon.

Edit: Posted an extra version that the client ordered.


  1. Erotic pictures of Minfilia, please indicate

  2. Wow.. If it is the ass tentacle we can see in her stomach should you really make one more picture with it coming out her mouth going all the way through her body.

  3. Always wished there was a Tifa pic of something like this. Probably is somewhere and I never found it. Very nice. Though with a tentacle THAT deep in her I wish you had a third pic with her eyes rolled up and her tongue out. That thing busting in her probably qualifies for that.

    1. The commissioner actually paid for extra version like that. I'll probably post next week when I get internet back. I'm reply in on my phone.

    2. Replying. Stupid phone auto correcting shit I type.

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