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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Something's Fishy

Selcie stumbles on the fishmen's lair. Sneaking up and taking her hostage as they have their way with her.

Selcie is my OC girl that I have never done a fully colored hentai pic of before. She is actually my first original character ever made I just never was able to color any pic of her I liked enough. Her race is also made up which I called Miautan. May do more of her in future if enough interest.


  1. Oh yes, there is definitely interest! I love elves, I love blue hair, so more of her would be really appreciated :D

  2. Nice. So if she is your first OC, how long ago are we talking that you have never been able to do a color pic of her you liked?

    1. Probably 5+ years...But I made her up before I was even drawing hentai so counting that also over 8 years.

  3. great shiny surfaces you get in your work.

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