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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Live Streams!

I finally made a channel for streaming. I know some might be curious and some might not. I'm not going to announce when I stream every time. I may announce later when I'm on most though so maybe will help people if they want to catch me. I'm open to suggestions on what people might want to see though. I sketch on paper and scan it so probably won't do anything much besides coloring and line art. I also might not respond quickly in chat since I afk a lot when I do art, or multitask.  So jump if you want to study how I work, or just get a sneak peak at future pictures. Or if you got nothing better to do. =P

My Channel ----------------->


  1. Hey ninja can you give me a link to that flonne picture that you use as a cover photo on your stream ?
    I couldnt find it anywhere.

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