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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lisa's New Apartment

Lisa's New Apartment

This is a picture I did for my friend Lisa after she shared a little fiction story she wrote. She also gave me permission to post her story with the picture this time. Can find the story below the pictures.

New Apartment
 Lisa had just moved to New York City and had an important meeting to attend.  She read in the paper about a nice apartment for rent, two people looking for a new roommate, and only girls were allowed to apply.  She figured it was as good a chance as any to find a new place.  She corresponded via email with the owner’s and had set up an appointment to meet them after work that day.  This way she could look nice and professional in her navy suit, and her hair back in a bun.  She was wearing brown pantyhose and had on a very nice pair of black heels that made a small pocking noise as she walked down the hallway.  “Here we are room 314 …..” she mumbled to herself before knocking on the door, but what she was quite a shock.
    She had thought to herself, with a line like “girls only” in the want ad it might be a two fellow ladies, shy maybe, glasses and braids who were not wanting a man to interrupt them, but she saw two large black men smile to greet her!  “Ah, you must be Lisa?”  one said opening the door to present the apartment to her with an open arm. “Please, come on in ….” Lisa was by no means a short girl, 5’11, and with her heels she was probably pushing six feet tall but both of these men were head and shoulders taller than her!  She stammered a bit in surprise “Ah, n-nice to meet you two ….” Before sitting down on a sofa, there were two recliners in front of her, but she was surprised when the men sat on each side of her!  She blushed and leaned forward, a single bang falling forward over her face “So, i-is this the interview?”  The men were looking her up and down without speaking, their eyes rolling from her green eyes all the way to her heels.  One of the men said “Well you already passed the first test by being such a hot little piece of ass.”  Lisa blushed and looked back and forth “E-excuse me?”  She felt a sinking in her heart the way they said that, and tried to stand up, but felt one of the man’s strong hands wrap around her leg.
    “Hey, don’t be in a rush, with a girl like you, we could even have a special set up for your rent, you wouldn’t have to pay a dime but ….” His hand moved from her leg to his pants zipper where his long ebony cock sprung out quickly.  Lisa’s eyes grew wide and she even mouthed the words “W-wow ….” This cock was huge!  A horse would feel insecure next to this absolutely mammoth dick.  I guess the sterotype was true, because she looked over at the other roommate and saw his cock rock hard as well.  The two black cocks looked so thick, and so long, Lisa had played with her toys before, but that was like comparing a pencil to a coke can!  The men each grabbed one of her hands and led them to their cocks.  She was sitting inbetween the two tall men, as she grasped the two cocks.  They were so big her fingers couldn’t even wrap all the way around them.  One of the, grabbed her chin to look her in the face.  “Go on, get started, let’s see if you pass the interview.”
    She blushed and nodded listening to the men as her timid fingers shivered a bit as she began to jerk both their cocks, they felt so stiff, and so long, she pushed all the way up and down, her palm feeling how hot the big black cocks were in her hands.  The man holding her chin leaned forward to share a sloppy wet kiss with her.  Open mouthed, and tongues dancing to make her take some deep breaths, her breasts pushing against her business suit, she felt the warm slippery sensation of the men’s precum falling over her fingers as she felt her own cunny getting so hot between her legs, wetting her panties and pantyhose.  The man pulled from the kiss and grinned “Get on the ground now.”
    Lisa nodded, biting her lower lip, some of her red lipstick smudged from the messy kiss.  She did, and one of the men leaned down to literally rip her jacket and blouse open, her buttons spreading across the room, and her bare chest revealed, as she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath.  She blushed, and turned her head, her breasts not so large.  The men laughed though as she tried to cover up a bit “It’s ok, a lot of you white bitch’s have smaller tits like that.”  She blushed, Though as one of the men grabbed the top of her hair and made her suck on his cock.  “Mmm, glad such a cute white slut answered the ad.”  She could barely open her mouth wide enough to fit the huge cock inside, the huge cock pushing deeper and deeper into her mouth to make her cough a bit, her lips shaking over the man’s cock, The other man got behind her, lifting up her bottom, up and tearing her pantyhose.  “Mmm, why don’t we start with a spitroast?”  He said lining his thick dark cock up with her pussy.  Lisa’s eyes widen, as she tried to turn her head, but the man in front of her buried her lips over his cock by pushing his hands over her head, she felt her nose hit his lower stomach, as she coughed, the huge cock reaching the back of her throat.  The man behind her grabbed her ass, curling his fingers to hold on tight, as he thrust inside.
    Lisa curled her body to the side, she felt that hot thick cockhead enter her first and then his long shaft.  His cock was so long she swore he was hitting her womb, a cock that long and thick stretching and fucking her pussy raw.  Each time he thrust so strongly deep inside of her she pressed her nose against the man in front of her arching her back, and her tits swinging back and forth with each rough buck of his hips, plowing forward to make the white bitch squeal, and her cunt tighten around his thick ebony cock.  The men were so tall, so muscular, and she was completely helpless.  Lisa jumped a bit, shivering as the man behind her spread her asshole a bit with his hands, and used his thumb to prod her puckered asshole.  “Mmmm, she looks really tight, you better get back here soon.”  The man in front took that as his cue and both cocks left her.  She coughed and leaned forward, trying to breath deeply, and get some color back in her pale cheeks from the through throat fucking she just endured.
    One of the men laid back on the sofa and grinned “Alright, wrapped that pussy around my cock again white girl.”  She blushed, and looked down, sad her name had simply been demoted to “white girl” but her pussy was aching for more, she needed more of that thick cock! She did as he said, slowly positioning her torn pantyhose and bare slit over his cock, and holding it at the base to slowly lower her body back over it.  The man underneath shook his head “Much too slow!” and grabbed her hips to force her all the way down on his cock.  She gasped and shouted burying her pussy lips all the way to the bottom of his cock, his heavy balls rubbing over her thighs.  The other man climbed on top, positioning his cock over her and lining it up with her poor puckered asshole, hi dark cock glimmering a bit thanks to her blowjob earlier as he grabbed her ass and buried himself balls deep into her.  Lisa shouted, and arched her back, her green eyes rolling back a bit, and her tongue rolling to the side of her mouth.  Two thick cocks penetrating her together, two big black cocks making her a blissed out pleasure whore!  She moved her hips with the men who together started to fuck her back and forth.  Her tits bouncing as the men fucked her holes who squeezed them both so tightly.  She loved how she felt the space between her pussy and asshole getting squeezed, and the two cocks rubbing together inside of her could probably feel each other through it they were so thick!  Her cheeks were red, as she kicked her heels off, as she had a full body shivering, and toe curling intense orgasm around both cocks, a wetness rolling down the cock in her pussy.  She tried to stammer out between gasps for breath.  “Ju-just don’t cum in my pussy, pl-please I can’t let you without a condom!”  The men grinned, and she felt a cock leaving her, but it was the one in her ass!
    “Well come where we want got it bitch?”  She heard before the second huge ebony cock forced it’s way inside of her pussy as well! She shouted and arched her back letting out a louder yell and shaking as she felt her poor cunt getting double fucked! The two cocks reaching deep to her womb, rubbing deeper and deeper to make her feel complete and total domination.  She felt the cocks flare in size, growing harder and stiffer as the two men emptied their balls full of thick baby batter deep inside of her.  Lisa felt the spunk swirling deep inside of her, the two men’s sperm gushing inside and leaking out her womb as they came thick hot ropes of white cum deep inside.  The two men pulled out leaving her a cum dripping puddle between her legs before grinning and telling her she passed the interview.


  1. nice story and great art )

  2. Now that's a welcome surprise, and a fantastic one at that. Lisa's writing and your artistry are a masterful match

  3. If you give interracial version of white/white scenes it would be nice if you gave a white/white version for interracial scenes.

    1. I normally would except this one is trying to match the story so not happening.

    2. I think you did a good job, while some may have a problem with interracial, no one is forcing them to look at it.

      Your did a great job.

  4. that Lisa is one kinky broad.

  5. yay I love interracial stuff.
    I would love to see you draw a busty nurse (white) being fucked by a black doctor, surgeon or paramedic because I love medical themed porn.

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