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Friday, March 1, 2013

Sketch Dump 14, March 2013

New batch of sketches I've done over last 2 months. 1st is Asagi from the famous hentai Taimanin Asagi. If you haven't seen it before you should. 2nd is my OC trap Erin in a more hardcore situation this time. 3rd is Tyrande Whisperwind with Malfurion and Illidan from Warcraft. 4th is my OC Amy getting it from a horse. I decided to add her alternate school outfit this time also. 5th is a redone pic of my Yuna gangang pic. ( Link to old version --> )
6th is also a redone version of my old Louise pic. (Old one --> ) I redid a few old ones I really liked but wish I did better.

Asagi, Taimanin Asagi
Erin, Original Character
Erin, Original Character (x-ray)
Tyrande Whisperwind, Warcraft
Amy, Original Character
Amy, Original Character (school outfit/demon horse)
Yuna, Final Fantasy X (redone)
Louise, Zero no Tsukaima (redone)


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  2. Editing my post: Awesome dude, just saw the fantastic maoyuu_maou_yuusha piece out of the corner of my eye while I clicked on this. Can't wait to see it all, especially the Erin piece. If there's any chance both the guys can be tall, dark and handsome while they split-roast Erin, I'll worship you (even moar!). :D

    1. Yeah I planned on both being black guys but I didn't like shading with pencil so I'll just wait till color to do.

    2. Gotcha. It's really top notch - each and every one is, really. Remember one of your earliest pieces being two tauren and a nelf, I think, set the trend of being a real master of group scenes.

      Thinking you've kept commissions offline because we'd be flooding you with commissions if/when they were opened! :D Certainly know I'm grabbing them up when they appear.

  3. Color Amy pls would love to see her and a deeper version would be even more exciting :D

  4. question on the tyrande one. Is it a double anal if so would love to it colored :D

  5. All look great man! I really like 4, 6 & 7; I like your OC Magical Amy. And though I'm not big on futas, I do like to look of the x-ray view of number 3.

    It'll be interesting to see what you come out with!


  6. A trap getting spit-roasted by two black guys? Well Ninja looks like you got yourself a new fan haha. Great work man, keep it up.

  7. Erin looks so gorgeous! Even without colours!

  8. Dunno if you like or ever played or even know DotA 2, but a sketch with either drow ranger, windrunner, lina or some other girls from it would be awesome.:)

    Anyways I like Tyrande's the most, great job! Hope to see some of them colored in the future.;)

  9. Nope don't know it. First thing I thought was maybe means dead or alive.

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