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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sketch Dump 15, March 2012

Two sketch dumps in one month?! Well actually last batch I posted on March 1st. Also I got out of my sketching slump and just been whipping out quite a few this week. 1st is Mari from Rebuild of Evangelion. 2nd is Musubi from Sekirei. 3rd is Naga from Slayers. I'm thinking of turning it into one page comic about the reason she is never in the anime and only movies. 4th is retouched up version of Rider from Fate/Night series. 5th is also a retouched up older sketch of Sailor Moon. 6th is the third installment of my Samus sex games series I been doing. 7th is just a solo sexy sketch of Tsunade from Naruto. There will also be a topless version when I finish it.

Update: Added a Uriko sketch and Cammy one.
Uriko from Bloody Roar
Cammy from Street Fighter

Mari from Evangelion Rebuild.
Musubi from Sekirei
Naga from Slayers
Rider from Fate/Night
Sailor Moon
Samus from Metroid
Tsunade from Naruto

Friday, March 1, 2013

Sketch Dump 14, March 2013

New batch of sketches I've done over last 2 months. 1st is Asagi from the famous hentai Taimanin Asagi. If you haven't seen it before you should. 2nd is my OC trap Erin in a more hardcore situation this time. 3rd is Tyrande Whisperwind with Malfurion and Illidan from Warcraft. 4th is my OC Amy getting it from a horse. I decided to add her alternate school outfit this time also. 5th is a redone pic of my Yuna gangang pic. ( Link to old version --> )
6th is also a redone version of my old Louise pic. (Old one --> ) I redid a few old ones I really liked but wish I did better.

Asagi, Taimanin Asagi
Erin, Original Character
Erin, Original Character (x-ray)
Tyrande Whisperwind, Warcraft
Amy, Original Character
Amy, Original Character (school outfit/demon horse)
Yuna, Final Fantasy X (redone)
Louise, Zero no Tsukaima (redone)

The Crimson Scholar

Maō from Maoyuu Maou Yuusha.