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Monday, September 24, 2012

Sketch Dump 11, Sept 2012

Been a long while since I posted more sketches. I've had a lack of them since I had ear infection in month of August, so I felt like doing nothing most of the time for 2 weeks. Finally feel I have a bunch worth sharing now though. 1st is a Sakura and Sasuke pic. Wanted to do new Sakura pic..and thought I would add Sasuke for once. Seems like everyone wants to see him in pics for some reason.  2nd is Riza Wildman. A little Halloween pic, so expecting to color that one very soon. 3rd is for my friend Lisa. She likes shota hentai, so I helped her with a dream a little. 4th is a is just a picture of my bloodelf rogue I made recently. 5th is a Nightelf with two Tauren. An older pic that I'm not even sure I've shown before..But I want to color it eventually. 6th is just a concept sketch of my OC Amy. 7th  a new pic of Flonne with a hung pony.

8th* Just added. Snowblind, OC of Maxblackrabbit. Warrior capturing a flag in arathi basin.

Saturday, September 22, 2012