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Friday, June 22, 2012

Elin, Tera Online

Elin girl from Tera Online.


  1. I love this pic ty ninja!!!

    Theres something i want to ask you about your pics can u take a look at this one.
    It is very awesome and i like it very much but it is not in your blog in blogspot and i never saw it in your hentai-foundry gallery i acticendtly found it in other site by looking for some hentai pics also if you remember i couldnt find the Deaht Knight pic colored in your gallery too and you gave me link to it my point and question is do you have more awesome art that ppl or atleast i cant see in here or in hentai-foundry like the one i linked above? :)

    1. Here is the site i found it.
      There are a few more of your pics there :)

    2. One more that i found there and typed in google to get link to your site :D <3 it!
      (cant see it in hentai-foundry gallery when i enter there)

    3. Well those pics all came before I made my blog. And didn't feel like posting old material here. This blog was mostly made so I can show my sketches since HF is more for finished art only. But then I started using it to post all the versions of pics. Since HF has a limit to how many pics you can post a day. So it's pretty up to date on all my new art.

    4. yes but my point was why are those pics in your hentai-foundry profile but we cant see them ? the only way i can see them is 1 by 1 by typing the name of the pic in google (example for DK one: aaaninja frostnip) to see the links to the site and 1 more thing do you have an profile in other old site that you posted your pics before so we can see your whole art even when u began to draw? i mean i dont expect them to be better than now ofc if you do something long time you become better and better at it :)

    5. ^
      Look closely.

      Btw aaa, do you plans for coloring the rest of this sketch dump?

    6. Yes, just haven't gotten around to it. Only one I'm not sure of now is Skyla one.

    7. Hey man that helped alot thank you ! :)

      and btw ninja why havent you posted Claire Cookie here :D

    8. nvm you just did so many versions gonna look at them :D

  2. Replying to K3Rikku.

    It's probably HF site itself. Could be you have filters on, or no account there. Or could be your browser doesn't work with HF site. Some people who have switched to like firefox said it fixed problem. If you really want to see old work... can go to . But WARNING: it's full of popups and reported attacks. And if want to see where I started. Have to go to and go to the thread Fanart. You'll see a thread near top say's AAA hentai.