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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Claire Cookies!

Claire Redfield from Resident Evil.
Lots of versions this time. >_>.............


  1. i liked most 1/3/7/8 versions :)

  2. I love Claire Redfield, and shes getting knotted :3
    Love your work AAA :D

  3. This is your best work yet IMO. :)
    The extended number of scenes really adds more depth to the events that transpire. I love the use of the multiple stages. The penetration to knotting, to removal.

    Two things I really want to congratulate you on are:
    1. The subtle differences between some images for example the penetrated in 1A to the movement seen at 1C. And the removal at 3b with a lot of stretch versus the knot removed in 4A.
    2. Excellent use of facial expressions throughout each scene.

    One question that I can't discern from 1A. Is this a willing Claire or more of a victim sort of situation?

    1. Well I usually let the viewer decide. But I drew her arms trapped under some rubble. Someone even said looks like she bent over to pick up some ammo. And yes the whole knotting thing I wanted to show right. I'm really sick of artists who think the knot expands then goes in. It actually expands inside..reason it's called a knot.

    2. I like that. Letting the viewer decide makes things more enjoyable. I didn't notice that the arms looked trapped and I can totally understand the possiblity of her reaching for ammo.
      In terms of the knot. I completely agree. One of the reasons this is my favorite. Great work!

  4. This is perfect man!
    Thanks for all the versions too :) I don't think I've ever seen you do this many before :P New Ninja world record! :P

  5. Nice Job Ninja New Favorite And Also I hope You Will Think About This But Maybe Jill And Claire And Some Zombies You Should Know Where Im Taking This So Can You Think About It That Would Be Great. Thx! And also nice job again

  6. Love the way the mouth of her pussy, prolaspes with the knot's withdrawl.

  7. Not a big fan of beastiality but I love the detail you put into this, especially Claire's facial expressions.