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Friday, December 12, 2014

Sketch Dump 28, December 2014

Not as many sketches to post for a couple reasons. I been doing commissions mixed in and I usually color those right after the sketch is made. 2nd reason would probably be because I've been speeding up how fast I do my line arts. Anyway here are a few new sketches. 1st is Clair and Dragonair from Pokemon. 2nd is May and Tauros from Pokemon. 3rd is Sailor Moon. 4th is slightly redone version of my Gardenia pic from way back. Also from Pokemon.

All I want For Christmas

Holiday commission with Erilsa and Manu.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

New Hentai RPG game (work in progress)

So I decided to spend some of my free time making a hentai rpg with my OC Selcie. I'm using the free version of rpg maker to create it. I may eventually buy the full version but for now I'll just do what I can since this is just a side project for me. There is no estimated time for when it will be finished. My goal for now is just to make it one act for now and continue it in future if I feel like it.

There will be various ways to get hentai scenes and I will leave it to the player to find them. It will be free to play of course as I'm just doing this for fun. For now here are some screenshots samples of the game right now. Also you can leave ideas and suggestions for things you would like to see in the game from scenes to outfits similar to the sling bikini in one of the screenshots below.